Namaste - Hybrid EP

Inverted Grime sounds from Namaste

The producer looks through a hazy filter while delivering 4 tight, consistent tracks for his first full length EP. The Hybrid EP does well to present a grouping of colourful instrumentals that each contain a dedicated timbre; very often disregarded and forgotten about in most contemporary Grime.

Ears familiar with the sounds of Joker, Mssingno and Faze Miyake will certainly pick up on some foundation sounds but Namaste’s knack for control and appreciation for wider structure hangs Hybrid at it’s own angle. There’s a refreshing sense of tongue-in-cheek vision combined evenly across dancefloor hooks and more sombre nuances. The EP coasts through these ideas one after another, beginning with the glitched out and frankly nauseating title track, closely complimented by the MC-ready ‘Scarred Riddim’.

The latter half of the EP falls deeper into Namaste’s exploration of melody, with Step Forward flickering call and response motifs. The EP wraps up on a real gem - ‘UV’ pulsates an ear-worming vocal line that’s going to stick around once you’ve listened to it.

Nathan Reece