NWM002 - Katie Wilkinson


NWM002 - Katie Wilkinson

Last month we saw London outfit launch their new monthly series with a great mix from Bristol’s Doug Norman.

With the turning of the month, we see the outfit return with a new, hour-long mix - this time from London’s Katie Wilkinson. Wilkinson sits at the helm of a collective based in the capital called TENSE that orientates around pushing Dark Wave, Techno, Industrial, Post-Punk and Experimental sounds. Her mix seems like a good representation of this, beginning by patiently chugging through evolving and somewhat paranoid tracks spanning acid and Balearic styles.

The Netil and 199 Radio resident has a keen ability for moving between styles and paces. In some cases, opting to timely select tracks with lengthy introductions; in others, full blown blends and layering that moves directly from dark, industrial sounds to hypnotic island-sounds. Wilkinson takes opportunities of certain points in tracks to steer the mix in new directions, such as speeding up the BPM when playing DJ Normal 4’s La Arabia. In true fashion of not knowing what’s going to come next, when the mix drops away the breakbeats of DJ Normal 4, we roll towards the hour mark with an ambient selection of Teresa Winter on The Death of Rave.

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