Overmono - Raft Living


Overmono - Raft Living

Overmono - Raft Living

Since joining XL Recordings in 2016, Tessela + Truss’s Overmono project has successfully served as a venture into new realms for brothers Ed + Tom Russell. Through their careers, both artists have placed themselves very much at the forefront of functional yet progressive dancefloor music and as individual artists and a collective, the two need little introduction.

Prior to POLY008, Overmono’s material comes as a trilogy of IDM, ambience and rave depictions in the form of the Arla series [not also counting a remix for Nathan Fake, Ninja Tune + Jonny L, XL]. Over the course of this series, Overmono have cemented a sound through a palette of distinctive drum breaks, arps and vocal samples. The Arla series carries colour, vision and space - as well a familiar tinge of UK nightlife haze.

Raft Living feels more direct than the Arla series. The overall sound of the EP is certainly in line with the rest of Overmono’s output, but this time the elements feel more geared to the club. Daisy Chain sees the duo apply their crisp and clinical drum processing to a 2-Step build. Tessela’s influence seems prominent in signature traits; a simple shuffle layered on the drums, echoing vocal samples. However the additional colour of the IDM-leaning synths that have been so formative in the Arla series make this very much an Overmono release. In Daisy Chain this comes not only as an evolving palette of euphoria, but also a rustling rise and fall of a faint dub techno stab at the end. In The Mabe, these synths are more active still, floating on top of blips and textures, only to give way to a drum break that showcases just how much these two can achieve.

On their Facebook, Overmono have stated that prior to this year, they have never shared a studio. Raft Living is the first of new material from their new home (which was apparently built by an active member of the 90’s rave circuit). Tracing their sound from Arla I to POLY008, it would be easy to jump to conversations that would share their name with past and present hero’s - Source Direct, Photek, Aphex Twin… - but doing that would honestly be a disservice to the two. The Overmono project is a welcome injection of unwilted movement into the lineage of hardcore & jungle, hopefully it’s still only the beginning.


Raft Living 12”