Andy Mac - Diving Bird #3


Andy Mac - Diving Bird #3

Andy Mac - Diving Bird #3

Andy returns to Idle Hands in true Diving Bird fashion with another release to carve out an essential series of material. Following a loose suit of it’s precursor records, Diving Bird #3 comes in the format of a stripped back route into dub alongside an ambient sketch, this time also accompanied by a remix, the first that the Diving Bird series has seen.

With the majority of the Diving Bird series seemingly orientated around lower-end, spaced out dub and dub techno, the A1 of #3 gives the series a more animated dynamic, carried by a pacey 4x4 beat. The building blocks of what has come before are all very much present, with Andy’s signature style of dub layers, patterns and sketches accompanying low-end and midrange motifs. There’s something quite autumnal that sits underneath the A1. It feels somewhat rural and would probably make a good soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon in a pub somewhere.


Idle Hands

With the previous ambient corner of the series having been covered by field recording-sounding, sample based pictures, the A2 is very much true to it’s name and comes as a quick sound system tester. An amalgamation of dub process and sound.

The B1 brings new form to the Diving Bird series as PST and Dreesen take on Longships - the dub techno excursion of Diving Bird #1. The remix is true to the original, as familiar chord sounds still carry the track. However there’s additional drum groove here, potentially with the club in mind. A comforting layer of whirr, hiss and malfunction dances right through to the close of the EP.