fives: YUshh

5 tracks for the floor from Eminent’s Yushh.

  1. Mathis Ruffing - Gengar [Banlieue]

This track is beautiful, lots of emotion, complex rhythms, delicate melodies and a pretty beefy bass to top it off. Banlieue have put out some really cool releases this year... Psyop by Watching Airplanes is another tip! 

2. Peverelist - Left Hand [idle hands]

Just love mixing this tune. The interesting percussion and space in the track make it nice to blend over pretty much anything, and the sub really kicks through in the club. Pretty much stays in the bag now as a safety when I want to change direction. The other side is a moody UK techno beauty – was difficult to choose between them. One of my favourite Idle Hands releases to date. 

3. E-Talking – Telephone Rose [whities]

Hadn’t heard of E-Talking until this quality release on Whities. I don’t play much 4x4, but when the bassline comes in, this track is large. Managed to cop this one a little bit before release date at a label fair and it’s stayed in the bag since. 

4. No Moon – Sirens [Mechatronica]

Distorted breaks-y electro belter that never fails to get the crowd going when the night is in full swing. Picked this up on a trip to Belin last year, only time I’ve played there - yet! Good memories attached. 

5. Datasette – Helvetica Calcium [Apollo]

Chilling it back out with my final one. Intricate melodies and rhythms with elements of braindance, IDM, electro, breaks, even dubstep. Every time I listen, I hear something new and it always impresses me that something can be so complex but so coherent. I love it so much.

Catch Yushh at the next Raw Addictions show at Rough Trade supporting Tasha.

Tickets available now through Headfirst.