fives: ian dpm / definite party material [SCUFFED RECORDingS]

YouTube channel, label co-founder and member of Bristol’s Midnight Shift Collective; ian dpm / definite party material contextualises his label Scuffed with 5 tracks.


1. 95Bones - irin 2102 [scuffed records]

It’s really hard to pick but if I had to personally choose a track from the catalogue that summed up Scuffed it’d be this one. Chunky but funky, early UK dance inspired sounds with a playful twist, big up 95Bones every time.

2. Palace - Touch Me [Unknown To The Unknown]

Unknown to the Unknown has probably indirectly been the number one influence on how I operate in music. Unapologetically fun, raw & off-kilter, tunes like this were the the reason I started veering away from cheesy deep house stuff and digging a bit deeper.

3. Gaunt - Neeuee [Glasstalk]

This one only came out a few months ago but it’s been a staple in my mixes since I found it. The way that main percussion hit bubbles away on makes me feel a bit uneasy but I really like it at the same time, bit of a peak time gut-puncher.

4. Kowton - on Repeat [Livity Sound]

Kowton & Livity Sound played a massive role in forming my tastes today. You don’t hear many proper emotive rollers in UK techno but this is definitely one of them, works at any time of the night too. He’s definitely one of the best at making a lot out of a little.

5. Baba Stiltz - Maze [XL Recordings]

I genuinely believe Baba Stiltz is gonna be a mainstream popstar in the next few yrs. Love his slightly leftfield, Scandinavian-inspired production & his vocals remind of cheesy 90’s progressive tunes (in a good way). Pure love on the dancefloor.

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