fives: alya L

All Work No Play. Intervention. Psychotherapy Sessions. Alya L puts her capacity as a technical DJ to good use with regular club + radio sets alongside her DJ-workshop input.


1. E.M.M.A - Glacé [Astral Plane recordings]

E.M.M.A shared this track with me after a lengthy discussion about our mutual love of 80's synth pop. I've had it on repeat for the past month and I think about it at least twice a day! I luuuurve the light, airy synths paired with old school drum machine hits and reverb-y (is that a word?) snares. It really encapsulates that period of time but still has a contemporary feel. 

2. Klasey Jones - Romanova [self released]

I stumbled on Klasey Jones' music through clocking in serious hours on Bandcamp. He is fast becoming one of my favourite producers at the moment and I'm constantly in awe of how he is able to construct a narrative through his compositions. I always find myself coming back to this one because of how much I enjoy the form and structure. The dynamics range from soft atmospheric pads to deep rolling basslines which go down pretty smooth. 

3. POISON ARROW - Casa show [pleasure district]

Simple, loopy and hypnotic. Makes you feel like you're sinking into a quagmire. The modulated vocals create an intense, eerie atmosphere which work well against the cold and industrial sounding percussion. Very tight and a minimalist banger, everything you need for it to be an effective track. 

4. Jam city - 500 years [Night slugs]

Night Slugs is one of my all time favourite labels ever and has informed a lot of my tastes. If I had to say which Night Slugs track I rinse the most, it would be 500 Years for sure. It has the form of a club track so bangs pretty hard and the space gives the mix a (literal) breath of fresh air. Stripped back yet syncopated and rhythmic. It's easy to layer which is probably why I play it out all the damn time. 

5. Jlin & Zora Jones - Dark Matter [Fractal Fantasy]

Reminds me of the episode of Steven Universe where Connie and Steven go out to a rave and they fuse into Stevonnie. (Sidenote: if you haven't seen Steven Universe, I suggest you go and change that right now). The energy is 15/10 and it's definitely a fun one to play out. Rowdy footwork and crazy sound design, what more could you ask for? If you play this track and people aren't dancing then wtf are they doing in the clurb.

DUE TO BEING SICK YOU CAN frequently find alya l playing bangers in the club or on the radio - MAKE SURE YOU CHECK HER OUT IF YOU’RE YET TO DO SO