fives: agrippa

The Par Avion label co-founder pulls together 5 tracks ahead of his Rough Trade show with Raw Addictions


1. M.I.A - It takes a Muscle (Pearson Sound Refix) [XL Recordings]

Super cool drum-machine goodness for when the night’s in full swing. Every time I hear this it instantly takes me back to my early club experiences, so I don’t think I’ll ever stop reaching for it.

2. Henry Greenleaf - Rolling Untitled [Par Avion]

Henry sent me this tune 2 years ago, and was the reason I started thinking about running a label. I’ve played it pretty much every gig I’ve had since so, for myself, there’s a lot of memories of new places attached to this tune. It also kind of signified the time when myself and Henry started to find our ‘sound' properly, and found a way to make our general experiments more club-friendly, so feels like a nice representation of that turning point for us.

3. Breaka - Puffer Jackets [Holding Hands]

Really cool 125-electro crossover tune. The low end on this always blows the roof off the club so it’s a really fun way to get stuff moving. Also the vocal sample is kinda jokes so just adds to the fun.

4. Szare - parched [project 13]

Kinda harks back to the ‘golden’ age of 130 in the UK, for me. Super wonky and weird, but hits so hard. The gnarly filtered-lead line always made me think of some mad giant elephants or something, and makes it quite a tense piece when heard on a system. Was massive for me in terms of inspiration for sure.

5. Paleman - The Day [Swamp81]

First heard this through Sean (from Meta), and was the reason I started to make tunes again after concentration on school for a while. So I guess the most influential for myself as an artist, in that sense.

Catch Agrippa at the next Raw Addictions show at Rough Trade supporting Tasha.

Tickets available now through Headfirst.