PTS w/ APR & BKV - LOFT, Kinlaw & Franco Franco + More


The Astral Plane x Bokeh Versions x Psychotherapy Sessions - PTS

(The Astral Plane / Wisdom Teeth)
LOFT (aka. loft_aya aka. yungChickP aka. your aunt that got embarrassingly drunk at Easter) is a lil alien girl that was beamed down onto the Pennines and has now taken residence in Manchester. Her work is primarily concerned with the transfigurative power of experience and memory on the physical body. She holds association with Astral Plane Recordings and Wisdom Teeth through the distribution of her recorded works (i.e. Turbulent Dynamics, Turn My Built Dances and Three Settlements Four Ways). Her favourite drum break is James Brown's Get Out Of My Life Woman (gross name) and her fighting style is the dance routine from the warehouse scene in Footloose.

🏰 Kinlaw & Franco Franco
(Bokeh Versions / Avon Terror Corps)
Cybortic Industrial Rap duo Kinlaw & Franco Franco have teamed up for repeated spontaneous freestyle sessions on Noods Radio. They have since recorded neurally enacted/enhanced LP, out in the new year on Avon Terror Corps.

+++ SHALT, nunu, Vio_l3t, Bokeh Edwards, PMS Casualty, AP DJ Team, DJ Roy Bar, Jurango, Alya L & Ye Ye

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